Our wines

These are the wines you can order in our restaurant

Do you like wine? Would you like to taste our different varieties? In Gandarias we have a great variety of the finest quality wine. You will be able to order a glass of these delicious drink in the perfect temperature thanks to a refrigerator that keeps our bottles in the right temperature. So, if you are open to try new things come visit us in Gandarias! we have a wide selection of wine waiting for you. 

This is our wine list at the moment:


  • Cyprès de Climens
  • Taleia
  • Acodo
  • Quibia


  • 5 elemento
  • Nada que ver
  • Carullon
  • Carmelo Rodero
  • 24 mozas
  • Amorro
  • El Senat del Montsant
  • Pierre Bourée Bourgogne Fils