Famous visitors during the San Sebastian International Film Festival

Unax Ugalde in Gandarias

Our beloved film festival always brings us good news. This year, San Sebastian’s greatest cultural event has brought us a number of famous actors and actresses to our restaurant as well as numerous film lovers. The cinema atmosphere, with famous people in our streets and hundreds of interesting films in our cinema theatres, has reached Gandarias.

We are especially happy to have received great artists Ángela Molina and Leonor Watling, who didn’t hesitate in taking pictures with our team. We admired their fantastic job before, but we are even bigger admirers now thanks to their friendliness and professionalism.

We have also received the TV crew of España Directo, a programme in which our beloved Basque actor Unax Ugalde was the host and proved to be, not only a good actor, but an excellent food lover. Thanks a lot!! Eskerrik asko!!


Eskerrik asko!!!