Amazing dinner experience


On 5th April Gandarias restaurant organized a delicious tasting of Etxenike products and Valdelana wine that included this fantastic menu:

  • Etxenike paté appetizers
  • Dry fig filled with Etxenike foie-gras on top of aunt cheese 
  • Etxenike quince jelly mi cuit with bread 
  • Warm salad with mushrooms and Etxenike duck-
  • Etxenike duck confit with mashed potatoes 
  • Yogurt with citrus ice-cream 
  • Valdelana wine

While the diners were enjoying their food, they were able to learn the proper way to prepare and serve Etxenike products. Apart from that, participants also enjoyed and learnt to appreciate the different types of wines of Valdelana winery. A wonderful experience!