Action! in Gandarias

The multitalented Anthony Bourdain visited our restaurant along with Elena Arzak

Charismatic, controversial and friendly, the versatile cook, travel reporter and writer Anthony Bourdain has visited us in September during the recording of his gastronomy programs. Together with Elena Arzak, Bourdain shared our bar with our customers and tasted different pintxos in order to explain to the viewers of his TV programs the secrets of traditional Basque cuisine.

He recognizes himself as a "food enthusiast" that promotes the culture of the most exotic corners of the globe. Bourdain, known on numerous occasions as the enfant terrible of the gastronomy after he wrote with crudeness about some hospitality practices, loves our gastronomy. Indeed, after a walk through the Old Part of San Sebastian, the Travel Channel team tasted dishes of Basque cuisine in our restaurant.

In 2010, the American chef visited San Sebastian to attend San Sebastián Gastronomika, an important gastronomy congress in our city.  "You are so lucky you live here", he said about Donostia.

Bourdain understands food "as a social activity, that interest in eating well” and he thinks that eating as a social activity is “already assumed" in different cultures. He has a huge influence through his social networks and one of his last anecdotes has been the meal he had with the President of EE UU, Barack Obama, last May ina restaurant in Vietnam.  They had lunch for six dollars.